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About Trevor

With his outgoing personality and drive to succeed, Trevor Phillips is well positioned for the real estate business, and with good reason. He was born and raised in the state of Nevada where his mother had her own success in real estate. Today, Trevor continues to refine his own business style paired with his local insight to offer his well-rounded advice to those who seek to buy a home or sell and move on. “From the very beginning of each relationship, I am fully focused on my clients’ dreams and will be with them from the start to the very end of each transaction.” Be it business or pleasure, Trevor has always been respected for his forthright approach to life which he cultivated during his career path in customer service and his many years in the United States Navy. Through his vast experience serving our Nation, Trevor refined his skills in Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Naval Dive School. It is here where he gives credit for his ability to adapt to and overcome obstacles that he endures in life as well as business. He’s a go-getter in every sense of the term. Trevor is involved in competitive powerlifting and wakeboarding and always looks forward to treasured family time indoors and out. With a great appreciation of life mixed with a great sense of humor, Trevor can be contacted through Chase international’s Reno, NV office.